Data from anywhere to anyone

Share your data with anyone, anywhere, and in any format they require. Our platform provides a secure and seamless way of ensuring your data is always accessible in the best format for each use case.

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Personalized data distribution

We handle the complexity of data distribution. Regardless of how your data is stored, we can translate it in many ways, including STFP, APIs, web downloads, and more.

A no-code data marketplace

Deploy a data marketplace in days, not weeks or months, with no ongoing  maintenance.

Productize your data

We help you with the process of transforming your datasets into consumable data products and services. These data products are easily discoverable and traceable and add a layer of security.

Powerful security and democratized access

We take security seriously, and we don’t take ownership of your data. Every time data is accessed, we make sure the consumer or system has permission to do so. We assure your data is secure at every step.

Everything you need to manage and track orders

We seamlessly integrate with your billing system, making it easy for you to manage and track orders with our comprehensive order tracking.

Want to see Revelate in Action?

Set up an introductory call so our team can learn about your needs. Based on what we learn in that call, we’ll create a tailored demo just for you.