Revelate handles the complexity of licensing data

Building a platform to monetize your data is time-consuming, resource intensive, and expensive. We provide everything you need to promote, package, and transact your data in an easy-to-use SaaS platform.



CME Group’s data was dispersed over multiple departments without a system for handling and processing it. Working with Revelate, CME was able to normalize, centralize, and make a vast amount of data available in a way that’s as easy as shopping online.


Personalize the customer experience

Our no-code platform makes it easy to deploy, personalize, and maintain your data marketplace. Easily publish and promote public data products or create a private experience for high-value customers and everything in between.


The perfect balance between control and flexibility

We protect your data assets by enforcing usage rights at both the user and data levels, working with you to set the correct entitlements to get the right data to the right user.


No one has been doing this longer than us. We’ll guide you through the daunting process of licensing your data. Ten years of experience means we bring an expert approach.