Fully leverage your data sharing partnerships

Revelate equips you with the tools you need to monetize and expand your existing data-sharing partnerships. Regardless of how you collaborate, we help you get the most out of your data-sharing partnerships and build a thriving data ecosystem.

Revelate has been a great partner in the development of a robust data pooling platform that helps Canadian banks meet requirements. We’re delighted to be helping banks demonstrate the value of this initial data use case.
Andre Craig, EVP and Head of Data Innovations, CanDeal

Share data with precision

Revelate empowers you to deliver personalized data products that support your partnerships’ security and distribution needs. With our platform, you can share a customized portal with each partner, tailor the level of access at the user & data level, and easily enforce the unique terms of each partnership.

Generate revenue from your data sharing partnerships

Start generating revenue by monetizing the datasets you already share. Transform your existing data partnerships into a lucrative revenue stream.

We facilitate fulfillment and distribution at scale

Get data to your partners the way they want it. Regardless of how your data is stored, we can distribute it in a multitude of ways including STFP, APIs, web downloads, and more.