The Revelate Story

Since 2012, Revelate has been piloted by a leadership team highly experienced in financial technology and big data innovation. The problem they wanted to solve was simple and complex at the same time.

Firms are accumulating massive amounts of data that are scattered all over the place, in different formats, and not standardized, resulting in data that’s hard to find and access, loss of productivity, key insights being lost, missing revenue opportunities, and much more. Today, Revelate provides a fully automated, cloud-based platform that enables any firm to easily distribute their data. 

Illuminate Financial, Anges Quebec and Anges Quebec Capital, Fonds de solidarité FTQ, Investissement Québec, CME Ventures and Databricks Ventures propelled us to grow a talented team of committed software engineers, product specialists, customer success, sales, and marketing.

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What we do

We’re passionate about data and the possibilities that it provides. Data makes it possible for healthcare organizations to find cures for debilitating diseases, allows transportation companies to provide streamlined routes so people can get to where they need to go faster and safer, fuels algorithms to provide personalized search results, and allows businesses to make better strategic decisions, and so much more. With data, the possibilities really are limitless.

We found a gap in traditional processes of finding and isolating data sets, where the astronomical effort involved in data fulfillment, either for the IT team or the customer, could be greatly improved.

The result is a fully automated data fulfillment platform that simplifies the process of data sharing, buying, and selling. We believe in the power of data democratization, where data movement should be as seamless as possible, with the right data being available for the right person at the right time.

Our leadership team

Marc-André Hétu

General Manager

Marc-André Hétu is an experienced professional with a proven track record in leadership and management roles. He has over 30 years of experience developing financial technology and solutions at both software firms and financial institutions. Since 1991, Marc-André has worked in the field of retail stock brokerage and financial information services. Starting with the Exchange Market Systems, EMS, then later SunGard, he worked with vendors to establish online service technologies for brokerage firms. Following, Marc-André managed online services for clients at Desjardin Securities – Disnat. In 2012, he took all of this experience and knowledge to co-found Revelate, previously known as Ticksmith. At Revelate, Marc-André is known for his ability to effectively analyze complex situations, identify opportunities for improvement, and implement innovative solutions.

Marc-André has consistently demonstrated his ability to drive organizational success through his strong business acumen, exceptional operations management, and consistently delivered results.

Francine Barbe

Chief Financial Officer

Francine is a driven finance leader, with over 20+ years of extensive experience in fast-growing and successful technology companies.  Admired for shattering financial performance records, driving radical growth, and building strong financial infrastructure enterprise, she is a trusted financial expert with a history of designing highly efficient operations through finance, guiding mergers & acquisitions, and optimising staff performance.  As a strategic and operational business partner, she will oversee and execute on the company’s financial operation, with a particular focus of maximizing the value of all stakeholders.

Nicholas Doyen

Chief Product Officer

Nic is deeply motivated by the potential that data presents to the modern enterprise. He believes that data will change the way organizations make decisions and operate. In order to deliver on this opportunity, Nic has spent much of his academic and professional career analyzing how data is produced, distributed, and leveraged. He approaches data management from a multi-disciplinary manner, applying product management, commercial, and technical methodologies to reimagine and improve the way data is mobilized within and across industries. Since joining Revelate in 2017, Nic has built out the product management function and delivered products and solutions to some of the world’s largest companies. In his role as CPO of Revelate, Nic works to establish the data marketplace category and cement Revelate as the world-wide leader in data management innovation.

Connor Aylwin

Director of Partnerships

Connor, a proven Tech Sales leader, has spent the last decade scaling companies across a range of industries from construction, digital marketing, film production, to cloud SaaS organizations. He now leads the Partnership function for Revelate, obsessed about building the worlds strongest data monetization ecosystem. When he isn’t working, he can be found hiking with his husky’s and spouse or training for his next Ironman.

Our Locations

We’re a global team spread around the world. Our headquarters are in Montréal, between the beautiful Old Port and trendy Griffintown neighbourhoods. We also have satellite offices in New York, London, and Munich.