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Data discovery, internal sharing, cross-listing, and monetization: Revelate is the only platform that does it all.

We’ll work with you to identify, package, secure, and distribute your data.

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Why Revelate?

It’s hard to know where to begin to start monetizing your data. Revelate provides the technology to put your data monetization strategy to work.

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Monetize your data with ease and expertise

We have the technology, expertise, and knowledge to guide you through the entire monetization process from start to finish so that you can extract your data’s total value.

Double the ROI on your data

Companies that successfully execute data-sharing initiatives are almost twice as effective at showing business value and return on investment from their data analytics strategy.

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Share your data with anyone, at scale

  • Extract terabytes of data from any source and distribute to any target.
  • Automations handle security, access, and distribution.
  • A customizable data marketplace or exchange allows you to present the correct data to the right user at the right time.

Working with Revelate gives you access to technology and deep expertise at scale.


Gain a competitive data advantage

Disparate data sources? Not a problem. Revelate formats your data so you can move it from anywhere to anyone. Our unique method of distribution does not require us to duplicate or take ownership of the data.