Realize the Potential of your data

Revelate extracts the full value of your data to generate more revenue, improve operations, and stay competitive. Our data fulfillment platform takes the pain out of data distribution.

The missing piece to your Data ecosystem

Revelate prepares, packages, and delivers data from anywhere to anyone. Our platform weaves into provider data, meaning we only need read access in order to commercialize and distribute to consumers. We work with nearly any data format and enable it to be consumed in many different ways. We do all of this while not taking ownership of the data. 


More control, new experience

Revelate is a highly-configurable platform that maximizes governance and time to value. Our platform has built-in data access capabilities so you can be rest assured that the right data is made available to the right person, in the right way. 

Our focus on flexibility creates a new experience for both IT and Data & Analytics teams as well as their customers.


Revelate enables IT, Data, and Analytics teams to accelerate data delivery while reducing risk and cost.

Your teams are burdened with controlling enterprise-wide data access over multiple platforms, filling data orders promptly from systems with different security and access levels, and managing compliance, risk, and cost. Revelate takes the pain away from the ugly last mile of data fulfillment by offering:

  • Fully automated metadata management
  • The ability to programmatically create granular data products
  • Multiple data distribution options from a single source
  • A scalable enterprise-grade platform

Make self-service data discovery a reality:

  • Create a new experience with our white-label data marketplace for internal data sharing, data commercialization or both 
  • Centralize and make available third-party data
  • Make data discovery fully traceable and auditable

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Our customer’s results speak for themselves

As the world’s second-largest data exchange group, the Chicago Mercantile Group (CME Group) is used to processing tons of historical data dating back as far as the 1970s. In other words, their core business is to sell data.

The Challenge

The astronomical amount of data being moved by CME Group required a better solution than relying on their IT team. Their previous solution was to provide their entire feed in a single file, which made finding relevant data difficult and the fulfillment process resource-intensive. It also placed limits on their SMB clients that don’t have access to the resources needed to navigate large data sets.

The Solution
Offering more granular data products and shifting away from a direct sales approach was the solution.

With Revelate, CME created their own data web store, called CME Datamine. This allowed them to:

  • Allow salespeople to fulfill data orders without having to rely on IT, greatly increasing the accessibility of their data products
  • Increase their data set subscriptions by 350%
  • See a 110% increase in new data buyers over four years See a 110% increase in new data buyers over four years
  • Reach a wider customer base with a highly curated data-sharing experience