Deep experience in regulated industries

Security is the bedrock of our platform and culture. We secure, package, and distribute data for the largest companies in the most regulated sectors.


Fully protect your data

We recognize the significance of data as one of your most valuable assets and undertake every feasible measure to ensure its safety. We use encryption to protect your data, take no ownership over the data you store in our platform, and ensure isolation between tenants to prevent unauthorized access.

We take security seriously

  • Our authentication service supports both SAML2 and OIDC, providing a flexible and secure way to authenticate users and ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to your data.
  • Our authorization tools give you complete control over who can access your data and under what conditions. With these tools, you’ll maintain the highest level of security.
  • Our applied entitlements give your users access to the data they need while you maintain a granular level of control over data access, managing permissions down to the individual user level.

We’re always available to help

We provide high availability with zones in one AWS region, as well as disaster recovery to another AWS region, for maximum resilience and uptime.

Learn about our technology

Our platform empowers you to share data with anyone easily, and ensures your data is always accessible and delivered in the most effective format for each unique situation.