Revelate Joins Forces with Matillion to Revolutionize Data Businesses

Revelate_Matillion Partnership

Develop new use cases and drive increased utilization by leveraging cutting-edge processes for data product commercialization and internal sharing.

MONTREAL, Quebec. March 21, 2023 –Revelate, a leading data distribution company, is proud to announce its partnership with Matillion, the leader in data productivity,  to offer a best-in-class solution for companies to commercialize their data. With Matillion’s cutting-edge data integration platform for the loading and transformation of data and Revelate’s data marketplace platform, organizations can rapidly create data products to generate revenue from previously untapped datasets.

Revelate’s partnership with Matillion empowers businesses to create their own marketplace to license, transact and distribute data at scale. This solution enables organizations to deploy marketplaces for external facing commercialization and/or for internal teams to rapidly access data products across organizations.

“Organizations continue to miss out on data utilization opportunities, resulting in lost revenue,” said Robert Cornell, Head of Cloud and Technology Alliances at Matillion. He continued, “With Matillion and Revelate, organizations can leverage powerful data product development capabilities to unlock new revenue streams and discover previously unexplored use cases. Commercialization and internal sharing become streamlined, allowing organizations to deliver valuable data products to consumers with ease.”

With Matillion Data Productivity Cloud seamlessly orchestrating the loading of data to the cloud and the transformation of the data and Revelate making data products effortlessly accessible to all users who purchase them, the partnership offers a powerful solution for organizations seeking to enhance their data-driven capabilities.

About Revelate

Revelate’s data marketplace platform provides a suite of capabilities for data sharing and data commercialization for our customers to fully realize the value of their data. We reduce the burden for data teams to distribute data, the way the consumer needs it, in and outside of their organization. Revelate integrates into the fabric of any data ecosystem to prepare, package, and distribute data from anywhere to anyone.  Visit us: