Data from 

Anywhere to anyone

Revelate’s data fulfillment platform provides a suite of capabilities for data sharing and data commercialization for our customers to fully realize the value of their data. We reduce the burden for IT and Data & Analytics teams to distribute data, the way the consumer needs it, in and outside of their organization. Revelate integrates into the fabric of any data ecosystem to prepare, package, and distribute data from anywhere to anyone.

Facilitate Data Access the Way You Need it

Revelate is a platform designed to maximize flexibility for providers and consumers without sacrificing ownership or security concerns. Every time data is accessed, we make sure the consumer or system has permission to do so. We take every opportunity to keep data secure at every step of the distribution process meaning that:

  • You can make data self service because of the automation to check entitlements, licensing and access. 
  • You can create a curated experience for consumers and administrators.

Easily create granular data products 


Data productization is the best way to increase the quality, traceability, and usability of data.  Revelate provides an interface for non-technical users to create and distribute data products. We also have a purpose built ETL and suite of technical services to construct and deliver the most complex of data products.

Our platform has the ability to automate metadata management, consume and deliver third-party data, and handle complex licensing. In addition, we have built-in tools to set permissions on the data itself and system-wide permissions that model standard RBAC expectations.


Data Distribution that scales

Revelate scales with your business, whether you’re moving gigabytes or petabytes. We don’t take ownership of your data. It remains stored on native platforms until you’re ready to prepare, package, and distribute it to your customers. You can do this in a few different ways:


Keep an administrator involved for approval and orchestration for sensitive or complex information requests.


Programmatically deliver data that meets the consumers privileges and licensing rights.

Self Service

Make data discoverable and available internally or externally for consumers to self service.

Benefits of Revelate's Automated Data Fulfillment Platform:

  • Reduces the burden on your IT and Data & Analytics teams saving time and money
  • If you are selling data, generate more revenue by optimizing your offering to the market
  • Provide more high-quality data to business units to improve operations
  • Improve competitiveness with better speed to insight. 
  • We integrate into your data ecosystem

Remove the fear of 

Externalizing data 

Revelate has a security-first culture and keeps enterprise-grade security standards. Our platform gives you the tools to meet the regulatory and compliance needs of your business. Data is always encrypted in flight and the provider has control over how data is encrypted at rest. We believe in data from anywhere to anyone…securely.

How Revelate Works

Our Data Fulfillment Platform prepares, packages, fulfills, distributes, and commercializes data. Here is how.


Revelate will either work with your existing datasets or you can create new datasets with our purpose-built ETL designed to prepare data for distribution. You can also use both! The result is creating standard data products that are the same product for everyone, or custom data products that are dynamically created for the individual user. 


This stage is when the data becomes a product by adding metadata for discoverability and determining access through policies and entitlements. Policies and entitlements are the tools providers can use to enforce what data is available as a product to a consumer, what and how consumers can procure and access that data, and what consumers can do with that data after it’s been consumed.


Our system provides the flexibility to handle data orders regardless of origination. You can choose the best process for your business be it to manually fulfill, fully automate, or create a self-serve experience.


We handle the complexity of data distribution. Regardless of how the data is stored, we can translate it in a multitude of ways including STFP, APIs, web downloads, and more.


Using our fully managed white-label data web store you can create a private or public marketplace. We handle complex licensing and can integrate with your payment provider. Or we can integrate with a custom experience.