Dewey Launches Data Marketplace to Provide Better Access to Research Data Powered By Revelate

Dewey Data Marketplace Powered By Revelate

Dewey Data Inc. has selected Revelate to power its data marketplace aimed at democratizing access to academic data and enabling researchers to solve the problems of the future.

Revelate, a technology leader in facilitating data monetization, announced that Dewey Data Inc. has selected its platform to power its newly launched data marketplace for research data. Dewey launched this online marketplace to transform the academic industry. The effort that researchers and universities previously spent to search, find, negotiate, and license data can now be used to analyze valuable insights that impact our society and the future world. 

“We looked at many options for our online marketplace, including building it ourselves,” says Dewey CEO, Evan Barry, “Revelate’s platform ended up being a no-brainer. It allowed us to have the marketplace up and running in a matter of weeks rather than the months or even years that it would have otherwise taken us. The out-of-the-box simplicity of the platform helped us reduce enormous costs on technical resources.” 

Dewey discovered that many data providers want to support research but have struggled to build the resources or platform required to reach this audience at scale. Many data providers now see Dewey as an opportunity to outsource their academic efforts, grow their brand, and contribute to innovative research.

“We feel proud about this partnership because it’s in line with our company values and how we feel data should be used, ” says Tori McCunn, Senior Account Executive at  Revelate. She continues, “Part of Revelate’s mission to revolutionize the world of data monetization also entails making the process fully transparent. The problem many data consumers face is that they don’t have the visibility they need into meaningful data, which inhibits progress in industries like academia where data is invaluable in defining our future.” 

About Dewey Data

Dewey’s mission is to improve academic research efficiency and replicability, Dewey does this by solving the challenges researchers face while accessing, managing, and sharing various research datasets. Dewey partners with third-party and corporate data partners to unlock their data for use in academic research, providing brands with a simple way to support academics and drive innovation. 

About Revelate

Revelate’s data fulfillment platform provides a suite of capabilities for data sharing and data commercialization for our customers to fully realize the value of their data. We reduce the burden for data teams to distribute data, the way the consumer needs it, in and outside of their organization. Revelate integrates into the fabric of any data ecosystem to prepare, package, and distribute data from anywhere to anyone.