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Data is a double-edged sword. You want to make the most of it by extracting insights and making data-driven decisions. However, it’s incredibly difficult to ensure data is used appropriately. The bigger your organization gets, the harder it is to keep track of everything. It’s no small feat to build systems that track who accessed what data, when they did it, and for what purpose. It’s even harder to centralize that tracking information and ensure it’s ready to use in case of a compliance audit.

Yet, companies are expected to not just do this well, but to do so while competing in the most aggressive markets in human history.

In a sense, data governance is like being physically fit. Everyone wants to be fit, but only a few people want to do the work to get fit. While most companies are actually doing some form of data governance, there’s always room for improvement. There are two tools that can maximize your own data governance efforts: Collibra and Revelate.

What is Collibra?

Collibra is a popular data catalog that organizes and tracks all of your data. It has robust governance and stewardship features, advanced collaboration capabilities, data lineage tracking, and impact analysis. Revelate is a data fulfillment platform that productizes your data and makes it easy to share (internally and externally) while remaining fully compliant with your governance policies. It offers self-service data acquisition and sophisticated metadata management through its powerful data marketplace interface.

Combining Collibra and Revelate will get your data governance fit—though we can’t make any promises on getting physically fit.

Why use Revelate with Collibra?

The Collibra data catalog and Revelate data marketplace are complementary tools that can make a big difference in your data governance efforts. If you can leverage the strengths of each platform, you can greatly simplify and streamline automated processes that lead you to powerful governance. This means: higher data quality, integrity, compliance, and maximizes the value and trustworthiness of your data assets.

Collibra’s data lineage tracking coupled with their enterprise data catalog features make it clear where your data originates, how it’s used, and how it changes over time. Tracking lineage from data sources to their destinations will increase your organization’s trust and usage of data over time. When people can see where data originated and how it evolved over time, they can build tools and processes that depend on trustworthy data. With its RBAC-based security model, Collibra ensures that the right people appropriately access or modify data, and use the right data at the right time.

Revelate’s data marketplace picks up where Collibra leaves off. Teams can easily discover organizational data through a comprehensive data inventory. We leverage Collibra’s data quality and lineage tracking with great visibility tooling. We build on their collaboration features by enabling data sharing across your organization in a safe, fast, and secure way. Everything Revelate does is in alignment with your data governance policies.

Data catalog software like Collibra helps you understand your data. Revelate gets that data into people’s hands. Data governance has a connotation of “protection,” and Revelate has everything you need to remain protected and enable compliant sharing with RBAC-capable data discovery, productization, and fulfillment.

The Next Chapter in Data Governance: Data Enablement

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Data discovery and self service

A data catalog tool like Collibra can tell you where to find data in its raw formats, but that doesn’t mean users can find that data in a consumable format.

A data product manager can use Revelate’s data productization capabilities to easily manufacture and package data assets exactly how consumers need. For example, an internal team that uses Excel won’t have much use for an API-based data stream. Revelate’s productization pipelines solves that problem.

We built our marketplace so people can find the data they need in the format they need. And if they can’t find data in the way they need it, they can raise a request for it to be repackaged and reformatted to best suit the use case.

True data discovery goes beyond a catalog’s ability to confirm whether data exists. Productized data in Revelate contextualizes data with powerful metadata frameworks that make data more discoverable and descriptive than a data catalog could.

Another important aspect of discovery is whether a data consumer can self-serve. In a data catalog example, a consumer might be able to find out that the data they need is in a particular data source owned by a team in another department. Helpful, but only to a point. In a marketplace context like Revelate, that data can be packaged up by a data product manager so the consumer can find what they need, click a button, and acquire the dataset in the format they need.

How to integrate Revelate with Collibra

Revelate works with every major data catalog, including Collibra. Though not all data within your Collibra catalog is fit for company-wide availability (e.g. HR information), Revelate is compatible with all mainstream data integration platforms, making you ready for productization and discovery from day one. 

Whether you’re building an internal marketplace, a data partner marketplace, or an external marketplace, Revelate can ensure that you have the appropriate productization pipelines and data discovery features you and your data consumers need. Integration is just a simple configuration away.

Because Revelate is aware of data governance features and custom data privacy models, you don’t need to worry about data being inadvertently accessed or inappropriately shared. We work with your identity providers and offer RBAC for all of your productized data sets.

Best practices for using Revelate with Collibra

Integrating Revelate with Collibra doesn’t require special steps or procedures. We recommend you follow these best practices (which are applicable to any data catalog you choose):

  • Treat Collibra as a high-quality data source: Ensure your lineage and tracking are configured correctly, in place, and functional.
  • Create data products connected to business value in Revelate, then connect the data in Collibra. Revelate gives you the products, Collibra gives your products the data they need.
  • Gather feedback in Revelate to improve data quality in Collibra
  • Use Revelate to distribute and scale internal sharing

If you want data to be shared across your organization, Revelate will get you there. We make it easy to collaborate, we have a highly flexible metadata framework, and we make data discovery a breeze, even for non-technical data consumers and product managers.


Effective data governance is crucial for organizations to make the most of their data assets while ensuring compliance and security. Data platforms like Collibra and Revelate offer valuable capabilities for data governance and data sharing. Collibra provides a robust data catalog and governance platform, allowing organizations to organize, track, and govern their data assets with features like data lineage, collaboration, and metadata management. Revelate complements Collibra by providing a data marketplace that enables data discovery, productization, and secure sharing of data assets.

Together, these two services make the process of finding and accessing data in consumable formats while aligning with data governance policies. By integrating Collibra with Revelate, organizations can leverage the strengths of both platforms to enhance their data governance efforts. This integration ensures that data consumers can find and acquire the data they need in the formats they require, promoting collaboration and driving data-driven decision-making.

The combination of Collibra and Revelate empowers organizations to strengthen their data governance practices, improve data quality and discoverability, and facilitate compliant data sharing within and across teams.

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