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In today’s digital age, data is a critical asset for any organization. It provides insights and helps drive strategic decision-making, but data procurement can be a complex and challenging task. The data procurement function has to navigate regulatory compliance, data usage rights, sourcing, and third-party data integration. These challenges can lead to delays and inefficiencies in the data procurement process, which can be costly for an organization. 

This is where Revelate comes in—a self-service data marketplace that can help the data procurement function overcome these challenges. In this blog, we’ll explore how Revelate can benefit the data procurement function in a large enterprise.

Enforce Usage Rights and Integrate 3rd-Party Data

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First and foremost, Revelate makes it easy to track and enforce data usage rights across the organization. Creating a centralized platform, it ensures that data is being used in compliance with regulations and contractual obligations. Revelate also enables the procurement of third-party data to be integrated into the organization. This integration can be challenging, but Revelate has a self-service internal data marketplace where data procurement can find, try, request, and access both first and third-party data that their company has. 

Create Advanced Product Listings

Revelate provides advanced product listings, enabling data procurement to find the data they need quickly and easily. These listings allow data procurement to understand their data, making it discoverable across the enterprise. This transparency and traceability on how the organization uses data also provide valuable insights for the data procurement function. Revelate provides insight into what data teams need, making sourcing the right data easier for data procurement.

Streamline Data Request Handling

Revelate also has a data request handling feature that automates the process of data procurement requests. This feature streamlines the procurement process, making it more efficient and reducing delays. Additionally, by having a self-service portal, Revelate minimizes the burden on data procurement teams, freeing their time to focus on more complex tasks.

Make Procured Data Discoverable

Lastly, Revelate makes it easy for people to find the data they need. Data procurement can provide a single source of truth for data, so others can quickly find the data that has already been procured, saving time and reducing duplication of efforts.

In conclusion, the data procurement function has many challenges regarding sourcing, integrating, and managing data. Revelate’s self-service data marketplace can help address these challenges. With its centralized platform, advanced product listings, data request handling feature, and self-service portal, Revelate enables data procurement to efficiently source the right data, track usage rights, and provide transparency and traceability into how data is used across the organization.

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