Revelate wins the Best Cloud-Based Market Data Delivery Solution

MONTREAL, June 30th, 2020 – Revelate, the global leader in data management and analytics solutions, today announced that it has won the Best Cloud-Based Market Data Delivery Solution in the 2020 TradingTech Insight USA Awards presented by the A-team. Revelate’s GOLD Platform– an acronym for gather, organize, leverage, and distribute, is a robust end-to-end solution optimized for the cloud. The GOLD Platform is specifically designed and optimized to run on AWS. Deployed in customers’ AWS instances, the secure platform leverages high availability and on-demand capacity to provide the lowest infrastructure costs possible.

“As Advanced AWS Technology partners and avid users of cloud-based technologies, we are very happy to receive this recognition,” says David Côté, Revelate Co-founder & COO, he continues, “We are empowering a new generation of data management and analytics in an open, budget-controlled way.”

The GOLD Platform is built for the cloud so that financial institutions can more easily scale.  Businesses need to have software architected for the cloud to benefit from the huge cost savings and less maintenance from a cloud-based infrastructure. The out-of-the-box GOLD Platform scales instantly & indefinitely, manages petabytes of data securely, and is optimized for full efficiency.

Revelate has been architecting reliable, open data systems for years. Underpinning the vast array of our clients’ use cases and solutions  is an open and scalable normalized data set, delivered as usable and actionable content. Some of Revelate’s clients include CME GroupCanDeal, and National Bank of Canada.

About Revelate

Revelate has been specializing in big data technology since 2012 and believes the increase in quantity and variety of data is a once-in-a-generation change in Capital Markets infrastructure requirements. Revelate’s solutions provide cloud-based, ready-to-use data workflow, management, analytics and delivery at scale and are used by leading financial institutions, exchanges and data providers.