Finding Success with DATA PRODUCTS 

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From our Revelate team, we’re thrilled to share that our very own Colin Brown and Nicolas Doyen had an enlightening conversation on the EM360 Podcast:

Data productization – it’s about refining raw data into actionable, business-ready products. By integrating the tenets of product management into data handling, data productization aligns your corporate goals with pertinent data, positioning you at the forefront of business innovation.

So, what factors come into play when you’re in the process of developing a data product? What potential roadblocks might you encounter? Most critically, how can you form a seamless alliance between data specialists and business divisions, ensuring that these data products are not only adopted but also utilized optimally by the end users?

To address these pressing questions, Analyst Kate Strachnyi had an in-depth discussion with Colin Brown, Revelate’s CMO, and Nicolas Doyen, our CPO, in the recent EM360 Podcast episode. They deliberated on:

  • Building a data product 
  • Ensuring successful adoption by end users
  • Technologies shaping the future of data productization