CDO Techevent

This 3-hour virtual event explores new data sharing and monetization models and the underlying technologies that enable them. It is geared to business and data leaders who want to establish internal or external data marketplaces or start monetizing their data assets on third-party exchanges. 

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What you will Learn from this Webinar is:

Data sharing is a hallmark of modern, data-driven organizations. Companies need data from both internal and external sources to fuel data science projects, manage real-time supply chains, and enrich customer data, among other things. But finding, consuming, and sharing high-quality data and integrating it with analytical systems is challenging. Fortunately, there is new technology that makes this process infinitely easier. In fact, it promises to make it easier to enrich existing data with third-party data and transform traditional data consumers into data suppliers who monetize their aggregated, anonymized data assets.

This new technology enables a wide range of data sharing models. For example, a large enterprise can stand up a data exchange to retrieve data from its network of suppliers; an industry consortium uses it to capture information from members that it distills into industry reports; an organization launches an internal data marketplace that makes it easy for business users to find and request access to data; an advertising platform can create data clean room so brands can compare and enrich their first-party data; and a cloud provider can create a global, public data marketplace where data suppliers and consumers can share, buy, and sell data.


What will you learn

  • The data sharing model that is most appropriate for your organization
  • How to select the right data exchange technology to achieve your goals
  • How data exchanges facilitate sharing, buying, and selling data
  • How data exchanges integrate with internal systems
  • How companies use data clean rooms to enrich first-party data and optimize ad spends
  • How to monetize data assets without distributing or disclosing sensitive information