Revelate’s platform enables organizations to create and distribute different data products natively integrated with Snowflake.

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what problem we solve

Snowflake’s data marketplace is robust for distributing specific shares already in the Snowflake ecosystem; however, if you are not in the system, it creates a barrier for data consumers to access the data.

Revelate enables discovery and visibility outside the Snowflake account so that potential buyers with the correct permissions, who are not sitting in Snowflake, can get an idea of what kind of data is available and sign up if they are interested. The user interface makes it so that any Snowflake customer can give access externally or internally by simply putting in credentials and approving access to data through an e-commerce fulfillment model. Without moving or replicating the data, Snowflake customers can allow data consumers to view the data products created within the platform. Data consumers can carry on with the data-acquiring process in any e-commerce platform. They can add data to their cart, checkout, sign a licensing agreement, put in their credit card, and be automatically granted access to the data once the conditions the vendor put in place are met. 



How do we work together

Sharing data on Snowflake is an easy, efficient, and a low-code solution. However, there remains a huge opportunity to scale data sharing. When you create a share within Snowflake, you choose what you want to share as table data and views; you can add a short description and worksheets that will grant pre-built code or SQL queries. The SQL queries then allow you to facilitate querying the data and give an example of how you can use that data, but that’s where it comes to a halt. 

The Revelate platform introduces the concept of data products. Data products can be tagged with customized metadata. The packaging of that product can also be customized: how it appears in the data store, what metadata is shown when the data product is displayed, and what metadata is displayed when the product is opened and explored. The Revelate platform also has features such as advanced fully customizable product documentation that allows the data consumer to discover robust information about the data product. The platform enables data providers to go beyond naming a share and adding a description to it. It provides full packaging capabilities for that share, and not only that, but an existing share can be tied to multiple data products.


Benefits of our partnership

The partnership scales data monetization- making data available to anyone, anywhere, even outside the Snowflake ecosystem. 

Granular Data Products

Snowflake customers can create granular catalogs that they can customize however they wish by creating different tables and views for databases and associating them with Snowflake shares that are ready to be distributed.

Reducing High-Friction Sales

A more self-serve approach that removes the interaction between the data consumer and the data provider. Snowflake customers can easily make all their data available publically, internally, or within partner networks with a low-touch sales process.

Full Entitlement Control

Data consumer can browse the catalog based on their entitlements with the Revelate platform. Snowflake customers can limit specific categories or products to individual entitlements. They can control what the data consumer is entitled to see and request .

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