Streamlined Data Product Creation

Develop new use cases and drive utilization by leveraging cutting-edge data product commercialization and sharing processes.

Revelate_Matillion Partnership

what problem we solve

Organizations face difficulty creating data products that can be commercialized externally or shared internally, resulting in missed revenue opportunities and challenges in communicating ROI. This problem can be solved by leveraging Matillion to manufacture data products, using Revelate to make those products purchasable, and opening up new use cases that drive additional usage and revenue.

Many organizations possess vast amounts of data that could generate revenue or provide value to other business units. They struggle with creating data products that can be commercialized and shared. Organizations are missing opportunities to create value for stakeholders. It can be difficult to justify investments in data initiatives when the ROI is not understood.

By leveraging this integration, organizations can overcome the challenges of creating data products that can be commercialized or shared internally.



How do we work together

Matillion’s data integration feature allows organizations to quickly and efficiently build data products. Once a data product has been created, Matillion produces files and stores them in an object storage bucket, such as an S3 bucket.

Once a file has been written to the object storage bucket, Revelate’s platform connects to the relevant data products within the customer’s marketplace. This makes the data product available on an easy-to-access marketplace to any user who has purchased or will purchase that specific data product.

The partnership between Matillion Data Productivity Cloud and Revelate presents a robust solution for organizations aiming to bolster their data-driven capabilities. Matillion’s seamless orchestration of data loading and transformation to the cloud, combined with Revelate’s effortless accessibility to data products for all users, provides a powerful solution.


Benefits of our partnership

By leveraging the strengths of this partnership, organizations can generate new revenue streams, increase usage, and communicate the ROI of their data initiatives more effectively.

New revenue streams

Create data products that can be commercialized externally or shared internally; organizations can generate new revenue streams and monetize their data assets more effectively.

Increased usage

Creating data products intended to be commercialized externally or shared internally can drive additional usage for the company and open up new use cases that were not prevalent before.

Easier ROI communication

By monetizing data products and generating revenue through Revelate's platform, organizations can communicate the ROI of various data initiatives more effectively and demonstrate its value to stakeholders.