The Technology that Powers Revelate

Data distribution from anywhere to anyone. Take data from any provider’s ecosystem and prepare it for any environment.

what problem we solve

Revelate’s Data Web Store provides sophisticated tools to Databricks’ customers when it comes to packaging data into products. Particularly helpful for building out complete data products are the product documentation pages, (where they can document the use cases, the source, the quality of the data), the ability to showcase sample files, the ability to group data products into different categories (with different bits of metadata). The pricing plans that Revelate has are flexible, which allows Databricks customers to adapt their pricing strategies for different data products.



How do we work together

One of the biggest values that the Revelate Data Web Store brings to Databricks customers is that technical employees that previously were doing fulfillment can start to focus on higher-value tasks. The easy-to-use web interface that the Revelate Data Web store provides makes it so any employee can responsibly manage shares with no code or IT resource needed. This helps reduce the current manual tasks that high-paid employees are doing and frees their focus for more valuable activities instead, including overseeing automated fulfillment or focusing on data engineering pipelines.

Streamlining, purchasing, and billing capabilities are add-ons that Revelate provides that currently do not exist inside of Databricks right now. Revelate wants to make it so that Databricks’ customers don’t have to put unnecessary efforts enabling data consumers to get what they need. Revelate’s mission with the Data Web Store is to streamline the distribution experience and reduce the type of profile that is currently necessary for that.


Benefits of our partnership

Databricks Delta Sharing provides an open solution to securely share live data from your lakehouse to any computing platform.

Maintain data fidelity

Facilitate real-time access to data without the need for copying and retaining a single source of truth for data products.

Easily handle complex data licensing

Control privacy and access levels for sensitive data sets within Databricks to ensure that the right data goes to the right person.

Provide the right data in the right configuration

Share data products at scale and encourage collaboration between customers and teams by providing the right data products in the right configuration.