Soaring With Angels – TickSmith wins Company of the Year 2019


TickSmith is honoured to have been awarded Company of the Year 2019 by Anges Québec. 

Humble Beginnings

In 2012, David Côté, Tony Bussieres, Marc-André Hétu and Francis Wenzel decided to join forces to tackle how to work with capital markets data at scale and address many of the associated pains in the industry. They started TickSmith, and built a better data workflow and management platform. The financial four leveraged technologies that would be able to manage an immense amount of data – an essential need for all big players in finance, who were literally lost in their mountains of data.

“Before Big Data was even a buzzword, we became big data experts with our innovative software platform,” says Francis Wenzel, CEO of TickSmith. “We can now call ourselves industry leaders with clients like CME Group,  National Bank of Canada, and CanDeal.” Wenzel continues, “We were four in Marc-André’s living room. We are now fifty five, with offices in Montreal, as well as in New York, Toronto, and London.”

During the infant start-up days, TickSmith contacted Anges Québec in early 2014. They were invited to present their business vision to Angel members in Québec City, Montreal and Sherbrooke. Since September 2014, TickSmith has been a growing part of Anges Québec’s portfolio. In addition to their investment, representatives from Anges Québec preside as board members and continue to provide valuable advice.

The financial four first worked in Marc-André’s living room during 2012.
They then moved into their first office on St-Philippe street in March 2014.

The Present & Future Summits

On June 13th, 2019, Anges Québec presented TickSmith’s four co-founders the Entreprise de L’Année 2019 (Company of the Year) award. Francis gave the acceptance speech, and optimistically stated, “Some of you are entrepreneurs and you understand when I say that what we do is not always easy. Develop new technologies, build an organization, find a place in the market, and succeed in creating value. We continue to work hard to achieve this and are climbing the next steps. It is with great pleasure that we accept this award on behalf of all the members of our team.”

We here at TickSmith would like to thank Anges Québec and all the Angels who believe in us and in our vision.