TickSmith Unveils New Brand Identity and Changes Name to Revelate

TickSmith Rebrands to Revelate

The Rebrand Reflects the Company’s Continuous Commitment to Democratizing Data for All

TickSmith, a technology leader in facilitating data commercialization and sharing, announced the completion of an extensive rebranding effort in response to accelerated company growth and a renewal of its corporate mission. At the heart of this rebranding is a change of the company name to Revelate – representing the vision of helping companies realize the full potential of their data.

Over the past year, Revelate has cemented its status as an essential player in the data monetization space. Industry luminaries like Gartner and Eckerson are placing Revelate in industry reports as a company empowering the emergence of “data exchanges & marketplaces” globally. Revelate finds itself at the center of data ecosystems as the missing data fulfillment component, the key to effectively running data monetization programs. 

Fueled by a round of Series A funding, Revelate expanded its go-to-market teams and strengthened its brand positioning. With the team’s growth and repositioning, the previously financially focused, Revelate now has an extended customer portfolio across industries- ranging from education to gaming. 

“The launch of our new brand is a major milestone for us.” said Colin Brown, Head of Growth; added, “There is an increasing opportunity for Revelate to be the de facto technology that is powering data marketplaces worldwide and we’re excited to have our brand and messaging reflect our market leader capabilities. “

The Revelate name is rooted in the company’s commitment to revolutionizing data monetization. The logo captures the notion of data in motion. Revelate enables data to flow from anywhere to anyone so that true value can be extracted. 

About Revelate

Revelate’s data fulfillment platform provides a suite of capabilities for data sharing and data commercialization for our customers to fully realize the value of their data. We reduce the burden for data teams to distribute data, the way the consumer needs it, in and outside of their organization. Revelate integrates into the fabric of any data ecosystem to prepare, package, and distribute data from anywhere to anyone. Learn more at: www.revelate.co