TickSmith releases a Python API for the new generation of financial data scientists



Montreal, May 18, 2017 – TickSmith, a leader in Big Data applications, released an open-source Python API feature to obtain data from its flagship TickVault* Big Data platform. Based on Hadoop technology, TickVault* processes, stores, and analyzes massive amounts of capital market data. The addition of the Python API to TickVault* provides data scientists fine-grained access to historical exchange and marketplace data such as top of book, derived content and market statistics.

“More data scientists are using powerful open source software such as Python and extensive analytical libraries such as pandas”, said Tony Bussieres, SVP Development at TickSmith. “The Python API toolkit combines agility with the capacity to run complex analytical queries with just a few lines of code.”

Bogdan Istrate, TickSmith developer says, “we have open sourced our Python client to facilitate access to data in our Big Data platform,” he continues, “a platform user can easily find, for instance, a bid/ask spread over a certain time period, or a volatility measure over the same range. The data returned by the TickVault* Python API is ripe for processing with the high performance ‘pandas’ analysis library, as well as visualization with tools such as ‘matplotlib.’ The ability to easily access and analyze specific data is helpful for backtesting algorithmic trading strategies, risk management, and satisfying compliance requirements.”

A tutorial on how to use the TickVault* Python API is available on TickSmith’s blog:

About TickSmith

TickSmith, with its TickVault* platform based on Hadoop technology, is a leader in big data applications for the Capital Markets and financial services. TickVault* is used for data centralization and distribution, market surveillance, strategy discovery, and analytics. It is ideal for trading and risk groups, regulators, exchanges, and data vendors who need to accumulate, transform, analyse, and disseminate larger volumes of financial data from multiple sources. 

*Our TickVault Platform is ever evolving and is now called the GOLD Platform.