TickSmith recognized at the 2015 FinTech Montreal Conference


TickSmith is honored to have been named winner and best new discovery of the “7 minutes to win” contest that was held during the 2015 FinTech Montreal conference. TickSmith convinced judges and public of the truly innovative nature of its Big Data applications for the brokerage ecosystem.

“The move towards big data technology and Hadoop in financial institutions has truly gained momentum in 2015. Our recent customer wins have been with larger banks and their trading groups looking to speed-up the in-house use of Hadoop clusters to solve truly big data issues.” mentioned Francis Wenzel CEO during his presentation.

“Firms select our TickVault* platform because it provides an out of the box solution to operationalize all aspects of data management on a larger scale. This is important to ensure that a firm’s resources and energy are not wasted on the complexities of day-to-day management of data from multiple sources. TickSmith allows firms to remain focused on the money generating activities that make use of that data.” said David Cote CIO of TickSmith also present at the booth during the event.

*Our TickVault Platform is ever evolving and is now called the GOLD Platform.