TickSmith Launches Chi-X Canada Historical Market Data Portal


Web Portal Provides Point-and-Click Access to Trading History

MONTREAL, January 22, 2015 – TickSmith Corp, a provider of financial Big Data solutions, today announced that it will now offer a Chi-X Canada ATS and CX2 Canada ATS historical market data and analytics web portal.

The web portal will allow users to access Chi-X Canada historical market data; to create user accounts; to access sample data and related documentation; and to subscribe to historical data services and reports. The portal delivers full access to book data as published by Chi-X Canada as well as formatted content such as top of book, 1 second bars and 1 minute bars. Reports on trading activity are also available; the interface supplies various options to visualize and download content.

“With over 20% market share of all equity trading in Canada, we needed to make our historical market data easily accessible for trading, compliance, analytical, and academic use. Not only is our original trading book data available through the new portal, but TickSmith also provides easy-to-use reformatted and normalized versions of our content,” said Dan Kessous, CEO of Chi-X Canada.

“As we continue to grow, it is important for Chi-X Canada to innovate and provide value to the equity markets. The portal is a great example of such innovation and value: giving users point- and-click access to a wealth of historical data and reports.”

“TickSmith’s platform provides more than simple access to data,” said Francis Wenzel, CEO of TickSmith. “It is a comprehensive solution that includes subscription management, payment gateway integration, visualization tools and the ability to process and extract value from large data sets.”

Accessible at https://chi-xcanada.ticksmith.com, the portal is based on the TickVault* Financial Big Data platform. TickVault* has proven itself by managing petabytes of data and is ideal for exchanges, trading networks, data vendors and regulators who need to manage and extract value from mountains of financial data.

About Chi-X Canada

A subsidiary of Chi-X Global, Chi-X Canada is an operator of high-performance marketplaces for the trading of TSX and TSXV-listed securities. Chi-X Canada’s two platforms – Chi-X Canada and CX2 – offer market-agnostic smart routing, advanced order types, trade reporting, risk management tools, historical market data, co-location and cross connectivity services. Like all Chi-X Global platforms, Chi-X Canada and CX2 aim to provide cost savings to investors through trading efficiencies, ultimately helping to improve investment performance.

About Chi-X Global

Owned by a consortium of major financial institutions, Chi-X Global operates market centers in Australia, Canada and Japan.

About TickSmith

TickSmith was founded by seasoned financial technology experts to bring better data management solutions to the brokerage and trading ecosystem, including exchanges, financial institutions, vendors and regulators. The company built the first commercial Big Data platform for financial data. 

*Our TickVault Platform is ever evolving and is now called the GOLD Platform.