TickSmith’s Enterprise Data Web Store Now Enables Firms using Snowflake to Automate and Unify Their Data Sales Experience


Firms using Snowflake can now distribute their data globally using integration points to TickSmith’s Enterprise Data Web Store platform. 

Montreal, QC: TickSmith is announcing that it is providing the ability to have a white-labelled data store that is fully integrated into Snowflake’s Data Cloud, giving Snowflake Data vendors the capacity to customize their sales and delivery process of their own data. TickSmith’s platform offers comprehensive functionalities to data vendors and their customers that automate and simplify the data shopping experience.

Nicolas Doyen, TickSmith’s Head of Product, says, “This exciting integration will make it easier than ever for Snowflake Data Marketplace vendors to customize their data offering and standardize the data delivery process.” He continues, “By providing customers simple data discovery capabilities and automated data access, they will save on time, costs, and improve productivity.”

TickSmith’s product, the Enterprise Data Web Store, is entirely complete with ETL, front-end store, and data distribution capabilities. The product provides both the back-end data infrastructure and a white-labelable web portal, where your customers can click to purchase and download selected datasets.

Snowflake Data Marketplace enables seamless and secure sharing of live data within and between organizations, so customers can provide or consume data or data services in the marketplace.

With the help of TickSmith’s Enterprise Data Web Store platform, Snowflake Data Marketplace data providers will be able to quickly package their data and automate their data selling process globally.

About TickSmith

TickSmith, with its Enterprise Data Web Store platform, simplifies the online data shopping and distribution experience for data buyers and provides the necessary tools for data producers to connect, package, unify and monetize their data. Currently enabling the world’s leading exchanges and financial institutions to generate new revenue streams and increase their customer base, the Enterprise Data Web Store provides a proven, secure, end-to-end solution that removes the complexities of selling and buying data.

By leveraging modern distribution channels, data producers can attract data buyers eager to consume new sources of data on a daily basis. Deployed in a Single-Tenant SaaS model, TickSmithʼs out-of-the-box Enterprise Data Web Store is built on a scalable modular platform that can grow with your business.

Further information on TickSmith can be found at: www.ticksmith.com