TickSmith joins the BCC Group International ONE Solution Ecosystem


Real-time streaming financial data stored and analyzed.

By partnering with TickSmith Corp., the ONE Solution extends its functionality into the analytics and regulatory space. This means that the ONE Platform can deliver the GOLD Platform services such as historical data sets, analytics and data mining services over the ONE API.

About BCC Group

BCC Group is a German Software Development Company with focus on software development of streaming real-time financial data technology for the cloud. BCC Group’s “the ONE Solution” is the world’s first streaming real-time Financial Data Enterprise Platform in the Cloud that was approved by ICE, Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters/Refinitiv, Morningstar and other vendors.

About TickSmith

TickSmith specializes in big data technology and believes the increase in quantity and variety of data is a once in a generation change in Capital Markets infrastructure requirements. Driven by more data intensive data requirements for trading, compliance, artificial intelligence and machine learning, there has never been so much traditional and alternative data to work with. TickSmith’s highly scalable GOLD Platform, built on open-source technologies, is crucial in today’s data-driven world.