TickSmith changes its core platform name from TickVault to GOLD


TickSmith’s core software platform, TickVault, has been renamed to the GOLD Platform– a unique acronym that highlights its ability to ingest varied data and enable more use cases.

TickSmith has recently renamed its Big Data platform, TickVault. The ever-evolving platform has been rebranded to TickSmith GOLD, an easy to remember acronym for Gather, Organize, Leverage, and Distribute. 

GOLD already manages thousands of data sets representing petabytes of data and the change was made to accurately represent how the platform works from the moment data is ingested, to the moment it is distributed and to also highlight that any kind of data can be processed. As the industry grows and technology improves, the platform is truly focused on “more than ticks.”

TickSmith has used the name TickVault for over six years, widely achieving company and product recognition in Canada and the United States. Customers and partners will find no change in the quality, technology, and reliability of the GOLD Platform, and the solutions offered with the new business identity.

Tried and true, the GOLD Platform uses Spark, Kafka, Impala and Kudu amongst other big data technologies. The GOLD Platform is deployed on AWS and leverages its S3 object storage and other services. Validated by AWS, the secure platform is built specifically for the cloud, is based on scalable architecture, and on-demand processing. The GOLD Platform addresses all aspects of data management workflows from ingestion of feeds, file normalization and transformation, value-added analytics, entitlements and data delivery.

“We decided to move forward with the name change because as the industry and technology grows, we realized that there are a ton of opportunities outside of ‘traditional’ market data,” said Francis Wenzel, CEO of TickSmith. “The new name, TickSmith GOLD, better reflects the emerging alternative, structured, and semi-structured datasets that our platform currently ingests and makes usable.”

About TickSmith

TickSmith has been specializing in big data technology since 2012 and believes the increase in quantity and variety of data is a once-in-a-generation change in Capital Markets infrastructure requirements. TickSmith’s solutions provide cloud-based, ready to use data workflow, management, analytics and delivery at scale and are used by leading financial institutions, exchanges and data providers.