TickSmith Adds Book Replay Module to Its TickVault Platform


Fast Web-based Point-and-click Access to Historical Market Depth Data and Analytics For Compliance and Trading

MONTREAL – April 23, 2015 – TickSmith Corp, a provider of Hadoop-based financial big data solutions, today announced that it has added Book Replay, an historical book viewer, to its TickVault* Financial Big Data Platform.

Book Replay accesses exchange and trading data stored in the TickVault* platform to provide web-based, point and click access to the book view at any point in an instrument’s history. Book Replay uses data from any exchange or combination of exchanges and trading destination. Additional data stored in TickVault*, such as a firm’s trades, news and more can be used to provide additional views, reports and analytics.

“When users realized our TickVault* platform made it easy to access and work with data from complete exchange histories, we were asked for tools to visualize historical books,” said David Cote, CIO of TickSmith

“With TickVault* and Book Replay, it has never been easier to provide customized point and click tools and analytics to trading and compliance professionals,” explains Marc-André Hétu, CTO of TickSmith. “Combined with TickVault’s* powerful analytical capabilities and its ability to work with different data types, Book Replay provides users with a true view of all events at any point in time.”

The Book Replay interface can be configured to display the full book, overview of order levels, point-in-time statistics, message lists and more.

About TickVault
TickVault* is a Hadoop-based, big-data platform for storing, managing, analyzing and delivering structured and unstructured financial data such as trade and quote history, news and events, research, corporate actions and more. TickVault* is used by exchanges, data vendors, trading groups, and regulators who need to manage and extract value from mountains of financial data.

About TickSmith
TickSmith builds powerful and flexible Hadoop-based financial data management platforms and uses them to provide out-of-the box managed services to participants in the brokerage ecosystem. TickSmith serves trading groups, exchanges, data vendors, regulators, and brokerage firms who need to centralize and work with terabytes and petabytes of data from quote feeds, trading systems, event feeds and more. Solutions can be client-deployed, cloud-based or hosted by TickSmith. 

*Our TickVault Platform is ever evolving and is now called the GOLD Platform.


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