TickSmith adds Amazon Web Services version of its Financial Big Data Platform


Additional IT deployment options, information processing and data analytics for financial services firms moving all or part of their infrastructures to the cloud

Montreal, December 2, 2014 – TickSmith today announced that it has ported its TickVault* and FIXVault Financial Big Data platforms to Amazon Web Services (AWS.) Francis Wenzel, TickSmith CEO, explained that the new offering gives clients additional choices in deployment topology and provides an out-of-box platform for financial services firms that have shifted their IT strategy to AWS.

“We already offered access to the platforms running as a service on our infrastructure. We can also deploy them at client sites,” said Wenzel. “But many firms are now moving some of their traditional infrastructures to the cloud in general and to AWS in particular. We have been asked for a version of our platform running on AWS, and we’re happy to announce that it is now available.”

TickSmith’s Big Data platform processes and makes usable the enormous, disparate, constantly growing databases used by brokerage firms, exchanges, vendors and regulators. The data, which can exceed 1,000 terabytes in volume, can be problematic and inefficient to work with when locked into existing applications, systems, and archives. It includes trades and quotes, reference data, FIX messages, retail records, back-office information, financial content, media content, and PDF-formatted reports and statements.

An AWS version will allow clients to take advantage of TickSmith’s processing and analytical power in every type of infrastructure including those that are cloud-based.

“AWS has become the default public cloud ecosystem for financial institutions, especially when integrating many applications to reduce cost and add scale to analytical solutions,” noted Adam Honore, CEO at MarketsTech LLC and an industry expert. “For TickSmith, having its platform available adds significant value to the organic marketplace of capital markets technology and data readily available on Amazon.”

About TickSmith

TickSmith is a FinTech that has built the first commercial Big Data platform for financial data. TickSmith’s platform provides specific solutions to participants in the brokerage and trading ecosystem, from exchanges to financial institutions, vendors and regulators. Offered as cloud services and managed platform this solution is disrupting financial data management practices and providing untold new opportunities to exploit financial data. TickSmith’s customers and partners use its platform as data distribution portals, add-ons to trading networks, management and analytics tool, and in compliance applications. 

*Our TickVault Platform is ever evolving and is now called the GOLD Platform.


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