EOSE and TickSmith Partner to Help Firms Easily Package and Sell Their Data

EOSE_TickSmith Partnership

Montreal, QC- (May 11, 2021) TickSmith today announced a partnership with EOSE, a global data solutions organization, to help firms of all industries and sizes implement data distribution solutions. The partnership will allow firms globally to develop new sales pipelines by identifying and organizing under-utilized data sets, creating optimized pricing structures for externally commercializing those data sets, deploying go-to-market data strategies, and providing the technology infrastructure to display and commercialize data assets.

The combined expertise of both companies will help firms package their data in the fastest time to market to any customer or stakeholder, anywhere, and in any way. Specifically, by engaging with EOSE and TickSmith, firms can organize unused or unorganized data sets that are contained within their organization. The packaging and commercialization of data is a significant untapped opportunity for firms to capitalize on to increase organizational efficiency, create new revenue sources and become a more dynamic, data-centric organization.

“As market data specialists, we are thrilled to accompany our customers in their data monetization journey by introducing customizable data stores,” says Suzanne Lock, EOSE founder and CEO. “The demand for data has been growing exponentially and having a customizable data store developed by an industry leader like TickSmith will allow firms to make the most out of their data. Being able to market and distribute data at scale will enable them to generate new data revenue streams and lower the barrier of entry to accessing data.”

EOSE is an outsourcing sales service provider that uses its core competencies and vast experience to deliver the best value for money and the best route to market for data asset commercialization. EOSE Data Sales provides an outsourced service to stand up a data business and commoditise data assets without impacting firms’ core businesses.

“Executives at data-driven organizations increasingly know that data distribution and easy access to data is no longer an afterthought. Our platform enables organizations to distribute and monetize their data whether it is for internal users, private members or external customers,” says Ian Gilbert, Chief Revenue Officer at TickSmith. “We are more than excited to work with EOSE in enabling firms to accelerate their data distribution and data commerce initiatives.”

About TickSmith

The data economy is here and will only grow exponentially in the future. Those who aren’t participating are falling behind. Global data stores are growing exponentially. Across industries, data is uncovering new insights that are changing the world. TickSmith is on a mission to help organizations unlock the value of their data. We have built a robust data commerce platform designed to serve organizations of every shape and size, anywhere, so all companies can segment and market their data.

Further information on TickSmith can be found at: www.ticksmith.com

About EOSE

EOSE provides a flexible, modern approach to commoditising your data assets. Whether you are already a data provider and need an extra pair of hands, or are setting up your data business from the start, we can help. Using EOSE data product development and sales experts will reduce your time to market and enhance your data products, while allowing you to focus on your core business.
The EOSE team each have decades of experience in data product and business development, data sales and managing the data business within organisations. Working across exchanges, vendors, brokers and other financial institutions, we have developed relationships crucial to the development and sales of market data.

For more information, visit: www.eosedata.com