BlockFills Selects TickSmith’s Data Web Store Platform to Deploy their Data to Institutional Investors


TickSmith’s Data Web Store platform will allow BlockFills’ institutional investors to access and purchase proprietary digital asset investment data to inform investment strategies 

Montreal, QC-  TickSmith announced a partnership today with BlockFills, a fast-growing global cryptocurrency and digital asset technology company. The partnership will enable BlockFills to deploy TickSmith’s Data Web Store platform and commercialize the company’s digital asset and cryptocurrency market data. This integration will appear in tandem with BlockFills’ first-of-its-kind advanced SaaS cryptocurrency tech stack which includes the interfaces Vision, Zephyr and Phoenix. 

With TickSmith’s Data Web Store platform, institutional investors will now be able to purchase cryptocurrency market data at any moment in addition to executing market orders.

BlockFills successfully launched the Vision, Zephyr and Phoenix trading solution products in 2021 and designed them to help institutional clients like hedge funds, asset managers, trading groups, investors, brokers, banks, and corporations access the company’s proprietary cryptocurrency trading technology and liquidity. 

The technology deployed by BlockFills solves liquidity fragmentation problems in the marketplace and provides front-to-back trade life cycle solutions across spot and derivatives products for institutional investors. Now, TickSmith’s Data Web Store platform will provide another source of value for these investors in their investment strategies. 

Nick Hammer, CEO of BlockFills, says, “TickSmith’s Data Web Store platform will help us provide an enriched and seamless data shopping experience where market data discovery is made easy for our customers.” He continues, “This partnership will allow institutions to access data that can help them make smarter digital asset investments via our API, web interfaces or mobile applications. This partnership is another step for helping create the most seamless, secure, and informed institutional digital asset trading platform on the cryptocurrency marketplace today.” 

TickSmith’s Enterprise Data Web Store is a B2B SaaS platform that enables a white labeled e-commerce data shopping experience by providing all the tools necessary to prepare, manage, package and monetize data unlike any other solution on the market right now. 

Francis Wenzel, CEO of TickSmith, says, “Data is an even more valuable asset once you make it easy to discover, purchase and access. Our platform provides an out-of-the-box e-commerce shopping experience that is customizable and can be tailored to fit any needs, in addition to being white labeled. This will not only benefit BlockFills but also every organization and data analyst that will now be able to use their data.” 

About BlockFills 

BlockFills is a disruptive financial technology firm dedicated to the provision of end-to-end solutions for global crypto currency market participants. The company has successfully built and deployed a cutting-edge multi-asset technology platform that solves major liquidity fragmentation problems in the marketplace. The platform provides price discovery, price aggregation, electronic order matching, smart order routing and trade reconciliation solutions for institutions in the digital spot and derivatives markets. In addition, BlockFills provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions that simplify all aspects of the trade lifecycle for institutions in the sector.

Based out of Chicago and founded in 2018, BlockFills’ digital asset technology is already serving over 600 institutional clients across 50 countries.

About TickSmith

TickSmith’s mission is to enable organizations to easily distribute and monetize their data whether it is for internal users, private members or external customers. Selling data should be as simple as selling products in an e-commerce store and TickSmith simplifies the online data shopping and distribution experience for data buyers and provides the necessary tools for data producers to connect, package, unify and monetize their data.