A Major European Clearing House Selects TickSmith’s Enterprise Data Web Store


TickSmith’s Enterprise Data Web Store now powers a European clearing house’s data, enabling them to produce specialized reports and distribute them to their members.

Montreal, QC-  TickSmith announced today it has signed a major European Clearing House as a client. TickSmith’s Enterprise Data Web Store enables the firm to securely ingest, standardize, and aggregate large amounts of data to feed analytics, BI tools, and produce specialized reports for its members. 

TickSmith CEO, Francis Wenzel, says, “We are excited by this announcement as  TickSmith has always typically been known in the industry for providing a platform that monetizes market and alternative data. This new partnership is important to us, as we are now proving that we can extend the usage of our platform to the clearing industry and meet their specific needs.”

“Our platform ingests, performs complex transformations and catalogs large amounts of data into the Enterprise Data Web Store. This gives the clearing house’s members the ability to extract new types of specialized reports that they can search for in the Data Web Store catalog and subscribe to by placing an order,” says Marc-Andre Hetu CPO. He continues, “Due to the sensitive nature of the business and the distribution of these reports, our entitlement module provides the necessary granular levels of access control over these reports to their members.” 

The promising partnership is already looking towards the future as the firm is planning to expand its data inventory with a new set of commercialized products.

About TickSmith

TickSmith, with its Enterprise Data Web Store, simplifies the online data shopping and distribution experience for data buyers and provides the necessary tools for data producers to connect, package, unify and monetize their data. 

Currently enabling the world’s leading exchanges and financial Institutions to generate new revenue streams and increase their customer base, the Enterprise Data Web Store provides a proven, secure, end-to-end solution that removes the complexities of selling and buying data.

By leveraging modern distribution channels, data producers can attract data buyers eager to consume new sources of data on a daily basis. Deployed in a Single-Tenant SaaS model, TickSmithʼs out-of-the-box Enterprise Data Web Store is built on a scalable modular platform that can grow with your business.