Streamline enterprise data sharing

Revelate with Snowflake automates multi-account data access and automates data provisioning to individual users without moving data out of Snowflake. 

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How Revelate and Snowflake work together

Snowflake shares are limited to inter-account exchanges, and require additional logic to permission data within a snowflake account. This structure adds layers of complexity when trying to share data internally within a Snowflake account.

Revelate enables intra-account sharing, streamlining data sharing within Snowflake. Revelate decouples data access from the infrastructure, making Snowflake data accessible to the entire organization.


Why Revelate?


Unlock the true value of your data with the #1 data marketplace platform. Revelate offers a user-friendly, no code marketplace that simplifies the complexities of data distribution. With our platform, you can effortlessly productize your data and access everything you need for seamless transactions. Experience the power of hassle-free data sharing for the right use case, every time.

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