Unlock data & analytics insights with Revelate, the #1 data marketplace platform.

Discover the power of data collection, analysis, and actionable insights with Revelate. Our comprehensive solutions empower you to harness the potential of your data ecosystem, driving innovation and success across industries.

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Driving Data Adoption via Self-Service

Is your corporation struggling to unlock the full potential of its data? Transforming raw data into actionable insights can be a real challenge.

Discover the power of a self-service approach! Make your data not just accessible, but valuable across the organization.

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Harness data to provide valuable insights for internal business teams

  • Address the challenges of harnessing internal data for analytics
  • Learn approaches to data democratization
  • Discover the potential of data productization
  • Discover the benefits of self-service data markets

A better relationship with data

Download the Revelate’s whitepaper to explore how both producers and consumers can benefit from taking a more strategic approach to data supply within their organizations.


Humanize data with Revelate

THE Self service data management PLATFORM

Revelate makes data discoverable, accessible, and self-service for the entire enterprise. We are humanizing data access, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their technical proficiency, can find, access, and use the data they need (in a secure manner). Revelate believes in an inclusive future of data management, where technology and humanity converge.

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With Revelate, you can automate data governance, ensuring adherence to regulatory policies and enforcing privacy. Our flexible architecture allows you to connect to any source and destination, offering unprecedented interoperability. Revelate isn’t just a tool, it’s the future of data management connecting people to data.



Benefits of our platform

Unified Data Access

Interoperability significantly improves data access, streamlining operations for more insightful decision-making, predictive modeling, and advanced AI applications.

Operationalized Data Governance

Integrating policies and entitlements directly into data products allows automated, scalable enforcement, ensuring consistency and reliability of data usage across your organization.

Data Productization

Transform your data into data products, providing agility through well-curated, accurate datasets ready for immediate analysis, while ensuring adherence to security and governance policies.

Accelerated Digital transformation

Revelate productizes data and simplifies data operations, particularly data provisioning, acting as a key driver for digital transformation.

Data Monetization

Revelate transforms raw data into marketable products, enabling efficient consumption by various users, both within and outside your organization.

Learn how to make data accessible to all

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