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Revelate handles the complexity of data sharing so you can service internal teams, intra-company, and partners with the data products they need. 

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A better relationship with data

Strengthen your data-driven culture by giving teams the tools they need to extract value from data. Data consumers want the most effective way to access the data they need, when they need it, and the way they want. With Revelate you can provide that experience while enforcing the policies and entitlements of the data product. We make it simple for data providers to pre-configure the access and usage rights saving decoupling a request for data from data being manually serviced.


Benefits of data sharing

Sharing data provides a competitive advantage. To be successful as a modern business, leveraging data from various platforms is a must to ensure that you stand out in your industry.

Enhance business innovation and development

Access to internal and external data can help organizations create innovative new product and service ideas and/or develop and fine-tune existing products and services to better serve their customers, partners, stakeholders, and more.

Gain better insights and strategies

When data is shared between partners, suppliers, and other external ecosystems, it’s mutually beneficial for everyone involved to develop better insights and strategies for all respective businesses.

Solve challenges and meet goals with confidence

When internal data is augmented with external data, better insights can be gleaned, resulting in more relevant information available to solve business challenges and meet business goals.

Fully understand the impact of your business

Your business’s Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) may be a core part of your operations, but relying solely on internal data can result in biased information that doesn’t tell the whole story. Data sharing lets you get the entire conversation on your business’s impact.


More data? no problem!

Revelate can handle both first-party and third-party datasets. We provide the capability to manage PII data and the complexities of sensitive data which is typical when incorporating external datasets. Share full datasets or create granular data products. Streamlining to just the data required saves costs and creates a better experience for consumers.

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weaving into your data ecosystem 

Revelate fits into your data ecosystem. We work with all major hosting providers like AWS, Azure, GCP, Snowflake, and Databricks.

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Enhance data collaboration but retain control

Data sharing opens up more collaboration opportunities with internal and external stakeholders related to your organization. Enjoy these mutually beneficial data-sharing ecosystems while still retaining full control over your data.

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