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Revelate drives top-line growth and expands the possibilities for your data. Our fully managed data marketplace drastically reduces the cost to launch and maintain a data business. 

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Marketplace Options with Revelate

Data marketplaces allow you to sell and share data with your target audience. While traditional data marketplaces offer little in the way of customization, Revelate can be completely tailored to fit your business’s needs. Set up a public or private marketplace or a hybrid of both with full customization.

fully managed WHITE-LABEL data marketplace

Revelate provides end-to-end capabilities to grow your data business. After productizing your data we make those products easy to find and purchase. We integrate with your payment provider and handle sophisticated licensing such as subscription, limited period, one-time and more.

 scalable enterprise grade data sales

Revelate is a market leader in data marketplaces. We have been facilitating data sales for the largest exchanges, banks, and enterprises on the planet. Our system is market proven to perform at scale. 

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