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A data catalog functions like a bustling library, providing an abundance of knowledge waiting to be unlocked. Just as a library organizes and categorizes books for easy access, a data catalog serves as a centralized hub for managing, discovering, and using data assets within an organization.  

Atlan, a leading data catalog platform, is the skilled librarian, guiding users through the vast data landscape. With Atlan, users can efficiently search, curate, and understand the lineage of their data. Similar to how a librarian empowers readers, Atlan helps enterprises harness the full potential of their data. Combined with Revelate, Atlan provides a solid foundation for data productization

Atlan: An enterprise data cataloging tool

Atlan enhances several features of a typical data catalog, particularly metadata management and embedded collaboration. These enhancements significantly strengthen an enterprise’s ability to effectively transform its data into valuable products.

Data governance

Data governance is typically associated with controlling data for compliance purposes. The ultimate goal of a data governance framework is to ensure that data is trustworthy, useful, and easily available. Data catalogs like Atlan streamline the collection and sharing of data assets, allowing users to effortlessly contribute new datasets and expand the knowledge base. Atlan is one of several data catalogs actively exploring innovative approaches to enhance data collection and sharing. 

Atlan’s data fabric architecture operates as a sophisticated librarian, skillfully curating and organizing a multitude of data sources. The distributed data framework harmonizes transactional databases, third-party APIs, log files, and streaming data, enabling smooth connectivity and integration for efficient data management.  

Data fabric architectures are finding their way into various industries. Healthcare organizations, for example, often adopt a similar architecture when adopting a unified data platform. They must integrate diverse data sources, including electronic health records, medical imaging, and patient monitoring systems, into a unified virtual layer. This integration enables healthcare professionals to seamlessly access and analyze patient data, promoting a cohesive and efficient workflow. 

Any discussion of data sharing should also include access controls, especially in contexts with sensitive personal information. Data governance policies protect confidential or sensitive information, only allowing access to authorized users. Atlan’s built-in access controls operate similarly, enabling enterprises to automate the classification and tagging of sensitive data identifiers. These built-in access controls also simplify the setup of flexible policies so that enterprises can grant access as they need. 

Ultimately, Atlan’s data governance features allow enterprises to easily control and oversee data assets, enhancing the trustworthiness and reliability of data products.

Metadata curation

Metadata curation is akin to the meticulous categorization and indexing of books in a library. It systematically enhances metadata to ensure accuracy, relevance, and alignment with data governance policies. Curating metadata helps enterprises accelerate the development of high-quality data products, ensuring reliable and valuable insights for data-driven initiatives.

Data catalogs incorporate metadata to facilitate efficient discovery and foster a deeper understanding of data assets. Atlan continuously collects data from unconventional sources such as logs, query history, and usage statistics. It employs an AI-driven approach to processing metadata, constantly analyzing and establishing connections to generate actionable intelligence. It will even automatically create lineage through query log parsing.

Automated data discovery

Automated data discovery keeps a data catalog up-to-date and relevant. It streamlines data productization by minimizing the time spent searching for suitable data and expediting the development and deployment of data products. Data catalogs employ various automated data discovery strategies to continuously find and catalog new data assets.

Atlan uses metadata-driven automation to update the catalog with new or revised datasets. This approach, reminiscent of a library’s cataloging system, automatically tracks changes to datasets, generates new versions when updates occur, and archives older versions. Atlan also incorporates contextual searching. With this feature, catalog users can explore specific elements of data assets, such as columns and SQL queries, without relying on IT personnel for assistance.

Data lineage

Data lineage features allow data catalogs to showcase the origin and evolution of data over time. During its lifecycle, data undergoes transfers, changes, and refinements. A data catalog can capture and document these modifications as part of the data lineage.  Just as library cataloging systems maintain a comprehensive trail of a book’s provenance, data lineage allows users to trace the lineage of data elements and understand their lineage dependencies.

Automating data lineage creation mitigates the risk of creating data silos. Atlan automates data lineage generation for all organizational data to provide extensive visibility and historical context. 

This capability means everyone, not just those with specialized technical skills, can gain a comprehensive understanding of the information supply chain. It also enhances the reliability and credibility of data products, supporting their ongoing development.

Data monitoring & anomaly detection

Data monitoring and anomaly detection features enable data catalogs to proactively protect data quality. Monitoring features continuously track data assets, helping enterprises ensure data accuracy, consistency, and timeliness. 

Atlan’s platform retains similar functionality, performing automatic data profiling to identify outliers, missing values, sensitive data, and anomalies. In essence, the data catalog operates like a vigilant librarian, ensuring the integrity and reliability of the stored data.

Anomaly detection provides data catalogs with real-time visibility into the condition and quality of data assets. This approach enables enterprises to promptly address data irregularities and protect data reliability. It also enhances data productization by continuously refining data management processes, leading to higher-quality outputs and more robust solutions.

Data customization

Data customization features tailor the functionality and user interface according to each user’s specific requirements. They’re akin to personalized bookmarks and annotations within a book. Just as readers can mark their favorite pages, highlight important passages, and add personalized notes to enhance their reading experience, data catalog users can customize the functionality and user interface to align with their specific requirements. 

Atlan users can navigate and access the data catalog in a way that is tailored to their individual needs, promoting ease of use and a more personalized data management experience. Customization options include personalized views, data categorization, and tagging. These features enable users to efficiently organize data to support team workflows and project needs.

Atlan helps users better understand and use data by allowing users to customize metadata with additional context on assets. By leveraging custom metadata, Atlan users can effortlessly locate the data, work with it, and understand the data within its relevant context. Personalizing the data catalog experience leads to higher user satisfaction and adoption of data productization.

Using Revelate and Atlan

What is Revelate?

Revelate is a data fulfillment platform that allows businesses to collect data from internal and external sources, prepare it for use, productize it, and distribute it. Revelate users can access the data by uploading these data products to a public, private, or hybrid web store. These data products represent the transformed and processed versions of the collected data a business has prepared for use and made ready for distribution.

Data catalog tools are distinct yet complementary to Revelate. Data catalog tools allow businesses to better organize their internal data according to their needs as a company. Advanced data catalogs like Atlan incorporate metadata to make finding and accessing relevant data assets simpler.

Revelate is complementary

Revelate can extract, transform, cleanse, and load data from external sources to the desired target destination within its data platform, all in alignment with specific business requirements. The platform helps businesses efficiently consolidate and integrate data from multiple sources, ensuring its accuracy, consistency, and usability for analysis and decision-making purposes. Unlike Atlan, it is not limited to internal sources.

Revelate’s data extraction, transformation, cleansing, and loading capabilities supplement Atlan’s data cataloging, collaboration, and governance capabilities. They work together to streamline the entire data productization process. Revelate ensures accurate and consistent data handling from various sources, whereas Atlan facilitates data discovery, collaboration, and governance. The integration also improves data governance by allowing businesses to enforce policies, controls, and data integrity.

The potential to generate substantial revenue is immense, whether you rely on Revelate to share data internally or with external stakeholders. The data fulfillment platform can extract valuable information from data, enabling enterprises to either optimize their current marketing campaigns or create more targeted and personalized marketing campaigns.

However, the magnitude of this value depends on the effectiveness of data management. Enterprises seeking to optimize data management should consider Revelate in partnership with top data catalog solutions like Atlan. The partnership offers businesses a comprehensive solution for optimizing data management. 

If we compare Atlan’s framework to a library and consider Atlan’s data catalog as the librarian, we can view Revelate as the courier or delivery service. Similar to how a courier facilitates the sharing and transportation of books to external patrons, Revelate enables Atlan users to securely share and package data with external parties. It ensures the safe delivery of data to the intended recipients and facilitates seamless collaboration and data sharing beyond the boundaries of the library-like framework.

The benefit of using Revelate with Atlan

Pairing Atlan and Revelate provides multiple data management advantages. Atlan’s data cataloging, discovery, and collaboration features are robust, whereas Revelate excels at data integration and data productization. Without Revelate, businesses would need to explore other solutions that specialize in accessing data from external systems and packaging it for distribution to internal and external stakeholders. 

Integrating Revelate and Atlan streamlines data operations and makes discovering, accessing, and collaborating data simple. As a result, Atlan and Revelate can work together to provide a comprehensive solution for end-to-end data management.

Generating revenue with Revelate and Atlan

Although data catalogs like Atlan advance data productization, their primary function is not centered around data consumption. Atlan has robust features but may have limitations accessing data from external systems and packaging it for distribution to internal and external stakeholders.

Revelate’s data fulfillment platform resolves this issue with its diverse range of tools and services that facilitate the seamless acquisition, integration, management, and delivery of data. Revelate enhances data catalogs like Atlan and enables independent data product creation while streamlining the entire process through buttery-smooth integrations. 

By harnessing the robust data cataloging features of Atlan, Revelate simplifies the complexities of data operations and fosters a streamlined approach to data productization. Together Revelate and Atlan provide enterprises with a focused approach to data management and data productization, allowing them to unlock the maximum value from their data assets.

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