Open Data Exchange: Our Share API feature enables firms to list, price, and sell data as Databricks ‘Delta Shares’

Open Data Exchange

Open Data Exchange: Our Share API feature enables firms to list, price, and sell data as Databricks ‘Delta Shares’

TickSmith’s newest feature, Share API, is a REST API interface that simplifies the process of listing, pricing, and granting access to the data packaged in the form of Delta Shares for data providers on Databricks.

‘Delta Share’ is the latest model of secure real-time data access method through an open-source protocol called ‘Delta Sharing’ launched by Databricks in which the data providers can grant read access permission to the data buyers for the data on Delta Lake tables. On getting read access to the datasets, data buyers can connect to their entitled shared data from the data provider’s database directly through tools Spark, Pandas, Tableau, Power BI, and Databricks which implement the Delta Sharing protocol.

Setting up a Delta Share Product in the TickSmith Data Web Store:

Data sharing is becoming more and more prominent, as it eliminates the need for data consumers to copy the data, providing real-time access to the entitled data, in the secure and truest form that can be integrated with BI tools directly. Thus, TickSmith’s Share API integration with Databricks will empower data providers to sell data on the platforms they desire and reach data buyers as per their preference while providing a frictionless data purchase experience for the data buyers.

Furthermore, Share API on TickSmith’s powerful, and turnkey Enterprise Data Web Store will not only improve data buyers’ experience of discovering the data to be purchased but also enable quicker access to data through automation of purchasing and granting of access to the Delta Shares post-purchase.

Purchasing and Accessing a Delta Share Product in the TickSmith Web Store:

Databricks Ventures recently announced their investment in TickSmith. The investment through the Lakehouse Fund, created to support early and growth-stage companies extending the lakehouse ecosystem, aligns with Databricks’ vision of supporting an open data economy. Together, this investment and partnership enable customers with the capabilities to package, commercialize, and share data products seamlessly.