Gulp Data & Revelate Partner to Price, Package, and Sell Data like Never Before

Gulp Data & Revelate Partner to Price, Package, and Sell Data like Never Before.

Today, Revelate is excited to announce our partnership with Gulp Data ushering in a new era for the data industry. Together, we have created a groundbreaking offering that enables companies to price and license their data, something that has never existed in the market to date.

In today’s digital age, data has become its own currency, and the ability to extract full value from it is crucial for businesses to stay ahead. Companies need to understand what their data is worth and make it available to their customers and partners to achieve their goals.

The market needs a solution to this problem, and that’s where Gulp Data and Revelate come in. Gulp Data is a data valuation platform that helps businesses determine the value of their data and provide lending options for it. 

Embedding Gulp’s valuation capabilities into the Revelate ecosystem tenables companies to create new revenue streams by licensing their data to third-party partners. Revelate’s platform provides a fully configurable and secure environment to data products, allowing companies to package their data in a secure and compliant manner, empowering their data consumers to make informed business decisions based on reliable data.

Our partnership with Revelate creates a unique solution for the market, providing companies with the ability to price and license their data. We believe that this collaboration will be transformational for the data industry, empowering businesses to extract full value from their data, drive revenue growth, and build stronger partnerships with their customers.

Gulp Data’s CEO, Lauren Casio, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are excited to partner with Revelate to provide companies with a new level of understanding and control of data. Our joint solution offers an unprecedented level of transparency and security, making it easier for companies to monetize their data assets and maximize their potential.” 

At Revelate, we are proud to partner with Gulp Data and excited about this collaboration’s new opportunities. Our goal has always been to provide companies with a transparent and secure platform to price and transact their data. This partnership is a significant step in achieving that goal and enabling companies to extract the full value of their data.