Data access

The Immuta and Revelate integration provides a complete and robust data distribution solution with automated data governance.

what problem we solve

When creating a data marketplace, whether it be for external monetization or to support internal non-technical user access and department attribution, one of the most important considerations to make is who should access what? This is why Revelate and Immuta have partnered to provide marketplace operators with a fully configurable environment to monetize their data while also enforcing access rights, down to the cell level.


Programatically provide access and enforce policies

Feel confident that all data in your data marketplace meet regulatory & compliance needs (PII, PHI, etc.), and is only accessible to the data consumers with the rights to access it. Some of the other benefits include:

  • Automating data discovery and data fulfillment to unburden your IT, Data, & Analytics teams. 
  • Providing tiered data access to retailers, partners and business units within a fully managed data marketplace.
  • Programmactially enforce licensing rights, regulatory requirements, and governance policies around data access and use.